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The Soul Of Grazia


Grazia Fine Food & Wine - simply stated, is one of the finest dining experiences in East London. Now in its 20th year, its reputation continues to grow; its devoted regular patrons confident that the high standards that have been set remain, and its new patrons treated to an ever-growing food and wine bouquet.

The soul of Grazia is Grazia herself. Born in Italy and brought up in a hospitality environment, Grazia came to South Africa at the age of seventeen, with a passion for "the trade". She is very much a team player and her staff remain loyal to her for many years. Head Chef Eric Ngubane she calls her partner and friend. They have been a formidable team for over 25 years. A self taught connoisseur of fine food, Eric has experience of international cuisine.

Starting his career at sixteen in the scullery of a Johannesburg Restaurant, Eric has risen through the ranks and understands the importance of every aspect of an excellent restaurant kitchen. The pressure-driven nature of the restaurant business is his chosen milieu.

The philosophy of excellence which forms the foundation of the successful teamwork at Grazia demands only the best: discipline and pride is the simple -yet powerful ethos of the team. Dining out here is an all-encompassing experience: excellent service, inspired cooking and well- researched wine, cocktail and spirits selection for every palate and every pocket.

With an ambiance to soothe the soul, the restaurant is superbly positioned with lofty, expansive views over a sweeping seascape below. It is conveniently central with plenty of secure parking.

The distinctly European culture of cuisine still underpins the Grazia tradition of a relaxed three to four hours of enjoyment: fun, food and wine for discerning palates; memorable moments and great company. The culture of eating enjoyment as apposed to that of the modern fast food culture is what is cultivated here.

The intimate personal touch of the owner makes this establishment one of personal pride and attention to detail

is visible.

Weekly training ensures that the front-of-house staff are well-informed and possess that delicate balance of warm hospitality and understated service. The team works as one, each taking responsibility for the part they perform to create a memorable dining experience. Many of the staff members who have moved on have reached the top of their professions in the hospitality industry.

There is today an ever-growing sophistication among the dining public. Patrons are always open to new ideas, whilst the firm favorites remain on the menu. This gives life to head chef Eric's creative flair. Every person working at Grazia has input and is free to contribute to continuous innovation. Similarly, with the new wine estates coming onto the market with growing frequency, tasting and testing extends to the wine list too. Availability key and Grazia strives to ensure that what is presented on the menu can be presented onto the table.

Grazia Fine Food and Wine offers the complete dining experience at this top quality restaurant: that personal touch, a breathtaking setting, fine food and the best wine.


Meet the man behind the flavour!

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